A brief introduction to Arctic Freshwater

Welcome to Arctic Freshwater, the vanguard of sustainable water solutions. With the power to unlock 178 trillion liters of renewable freshwater, we are not just a company; we are a movement. We are committed to quenching the world's thirst by providing pure, sustainable water solutions that meet the growing demands of populations and industries alike. Our approach is rooted in innovation, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Our team is focused on:

Scale of Renewable Freshwater

Arctic Freshwater has the capability to unlock an astounding 178 trillion liters of renewable freshwater. This scale allows us to meet the diverse and growing water needs of both populations and industries globally.

Innovation-Driven Solutions

Our approach is deeply rooted in innovation, enabling us to develop cutting-edge technologies and solutions for water purification, storage, and distribution. We are committed to setting new industry standards.

Social Responsibility

Beyond providing water, we are dedicated to environmental and social responsibility. Our operations are designed to be sustainable, and we actively contribute to global well-being through various social initiatives.

Water Security and Accessibility

Arctic Freshwater is dedicated to making clean, renewable water accessible to all, irrespective of geographic or economic barriers. Our mission is to secure water availability for future generations.

Community Empowerment

We aim to empower communities by providing them with the tools, knowledge, and resources to become self-sufficient in water management, thereby enhancing local resilience and well-being.

Global Water Stewardship

Arctic Freshwater takes a leadership role in global water stewardship. We collaborate with international organizations to set new standards for sustainable water use and conservation.

Sustainable Water Sourcing

Arctic Freshwater is dedicated to responsibly unlocking 178 trillion liters of renewable freshwater. Our sustainable sourcing practices ensure minimal impact on natural ecosystems while meeting global water demands.

Innovative Water Solutions

We invest in cutting-edge technologies to provide pure, efficient, and sustainable water solutions. Our innovations range from advanced filtration systems to eco-friendly packaging, setting new industry standards.

Environmental Responsibility

Arctic Freshwater goes beyond providing water; we are committed to social and environmental responsibility. We actively support initiatives aligned with United Nations SDG6, aiming for a more equitable and sustainable world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world's leading provider of sustainable water solutions, transforming the way communities and industries access and utilize this essential resource. We aim to set a global standard for water purity, efficiency, and social responsibility, thereby contributing to a more equitable and sustainable world.

Purity and Quality

Goal 1: Maintain the natural purity of our Icelandic water sources, ensuring that every drop meets or exceeds international quality standards.

Goal 2: Obtain certifications specific to Icelandic water quality to establish credibility and consumer trust.


Goal 3: Implement eco-friendly extraction and transportation methods that preserve the pristine Icelandic environment.

Goal 4: Achieve a carbon-neutral footprint for our Icelandic operations within the next five years.

Customized Solutions

Goal 5: Develop and market customized water solutions like Bag-in-a-Box, Flexitank, and Large Tankers, tailored to various industrial applications.

Goal 6: Innovate in water storage and delivery systems to maximize efficiency and reduce waste.

Social Responsibility

Goal 7: Align our operations with United Nations SDG6, focusing on providing clean water and sanitation solutions to underserved communities.

Goal 8: Engage in community outreach and educational programs in Iceland and target markets to promote water conservation and sanitation.

Global Reach and Partnerships

Goal 9: Expand our Icelandic water distribution to at least three new continents by 2027.

Goal 10: Establish strategic partnerships with organizations that align with our mission of providing pure, sustainable Icelandic water on a global scale.