Coalition Structure and Members

Welcome to Arctic Freshwater's Coalition Structure and Members page. Here, we delve into the essence of our coalition, a global alliance committed to solving the world's most pressing water issues. While the coalition is comprised of diverse members, each contributing unique skills and resources, this page focuses on the overarching value and importance of forming a Global Water Coalition

Our Partners and Collaborators

Water Solutions

Supporting communities in need with water harvesting, business solutions and access to clean water programs.


Providing education that supports access to skills resources, technology, and an ecosystem that supports global water solutions. SCC is one of the founding partners with Arctic Freshwater.


Indigenous Trades Focus

The Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario supports Indigenous peoples in accessing apprenticeships and training opportunities to build careers in skilled trades.


Indigenous Education

Redbird Circle is an organization that provides education, training, and cultural programming to support Indigenous youth, community and professional development.


Skilled Trades Facilities

Judith Nyman Secondary School is a public high school in Brampton, Ontario that supports access to facilities required to skill up water operators, welders, electricians and more.

Journey to Apprenticeship

Support Ontario Youth supports apprentices, employers, and all stakeholders in the skilled trades industry by streamlining and simplifying the apprenticeship journey.


Bulk water Solutions

Medium bulk shipments would be within our bulk water / Flexi-Tanks that provide means of moving bulk water still while using traditional shipping methods. The Flexi-Tanks provide opportunities for direct unloads into storage tanks for multiple usages or boxed for consumers using state of the art water boxing systems.


Water Solutions

The main purpose of EnviroNor is to provide “Water On Demand” through seawater desalination, wastewater treatment, and water purification. For this application we repurpose vessels and adjust the vessel for the project (e.g. product tankers, barges, and platform supply vessels)


Indigenous water

Iceland Blue was formed to support Indigenous communities across the country with opportunities to access the world's best source of quality water from Iceland.


Unified Mission

A coalition allows for a unified approach to tackling global water challenges, from scarcity to pollution.

Collective Impact

The combined efforts of various stakeholders amplify the impact, making it possible to achieve what might be unattainable individually.

Global Reach

A coalition extends the reach of initiatives, making it possible to address water issues on a global scale.

Crisis Response

The coalition's diverse capabilities enable rapid and effective responses to water-related emergencies, such as droughts or contamination events.

Policy Influence

A strong coalition can wield significant influence on water policies, both nationally and internationally, advocating for sustainable practices.

Cultural Sensitivity

The global nature of the coalition ensures a culturally sensitive approach to water management, respecting local customs and beliefs while implementing solutions.

Resource Sharing

Pooling resources, from technology to expertise, enables more effective and efficient solutions.


The diverse skill sets within a coalition foster innovation, leading to groundbreaking solutions for water management.


A structured coalition ensures that all members are accountable, enhancing the effectiveness and credibility of initiatives.

Risk Mitigation

The collective expertise within the coalition helps to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring the success of projects and initiatives.

Knowledge Transfer

A coalition facilitates the sharing of knowledge and best practices among members, elevating the quality of work across the board.

Global Advocacy

The coalition serves as a powerful voice in advocating for water-related issues, influencing policy, and driving change at a global level.

Skill Development Entities

Contribute expertise in training, technology integration, and quality control.

Water Resource Companies

Specialize in water quality management, harvesting, and distribution.

Logistics - Supply Chain Experts

Focus on the efficient delivery of water to regions in need.

Government Bodies and NGOs

Committed to regulatory compliance, social impact, and global expansion.

Research Dev. Organizations

Engage in cutting-edge research to develop new technologies and methodologies for water management.

Investors - Financial Institutions

Provide the necessary capital and financial expertise to support large-scale projects and initiatives.

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